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How Electric Fireplaces Work The maintenance efforts and costs of a conventional fireplace are the reason why the electric fireplace was invented. By definition, it practically is just an electric heater but is designed to look and work like the old fireplace. Because of the ingenious combination of a mirror element and LED lighting, light rolls and reflects, in the process creating an effect that looks very similar to that of fire. One thing you don’t know about electric fireplaces is that you can use them for heating, just like the usual fireplace, or simply for display reasons. So if you want some cozy and classy atmosphere during the summer, you still can use it since you can easily turn off the heating function. In the cold months on the other hand, you will benefit from its most important function, which is to provide added warmth so as for your heating system to not get overworked. As a matter of fact, many of the newer electric fireplaces these days come equipped with remote control function and thermostats so that you get to control the heat. But the most notable downside to electric fireplaces is that you never can use them without power. Of course, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem if you have a backup generator in the event of a power outage.
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Once you start shopping for a fireplace, you’ll see that there are several different kinds you can choose. For the most part, you’ll be faced with the decision to choose between an all-in-one unit or a fireplace insert to an existing chimney or traditional fireplace. But all of the types are designed for safe operation without the need of venting.
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Provided you want to have an all-in-one unit installed, you have the luxury to choose traditional mantels and/or media stands, wherein the latter comes equipped with hidden media components for concealing electronics; likewise, it also can serve as a television stand, saving you space in the living room. Before you move on to shopping for an electric fireplace, you obviously have to know how it works. In order for it to work, it needs the standard 120-volt outlet to plug it in. When it comes to the type of heat meanwhile, the two available variants are forced fan and infrared quartz. The forced fan variant works through a silent fan responsible for blowing the heated coils, which in turn produces the heat distributed to the room. The infrared quartz meanwhile works differently because heat is produced using an invisible infrared light. The light will work by heating up the things it comes to contact with, which is very different to the usual way of heating the air in the room.