How to fix a scratch on your floor

If you have wooden floors, you are bound to get scratches and damage the surface through everyday life and sometimes because of heavy furniture standing in a certain spot or being moved. How you treat the damage will depend on the scratch and the type of flooring in question.

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Surface damage

This is when nothing more than the protective layer of the floor is scratched, and it is ultimately the easiest to repair. Clean the damaged area with a soft cloth and a floor cleaning solution. Keep the area free from dirt that can get trapped by the sealant at a later stage. Properly dry the area, apply a layer of protective coating and let it dry completely. For laminate flooring, you will need to invest in a touch-up kit.

Minor scratches

This kind of scratch goes beyond the protective coating to the surface of the wood. Clean thoroughly with a floor cleaner. You want to avoid any dirt getting into the scratches. Using steel wool, gently rub along the grain of the wood. If you rub across the grain, it will cause more damage. Buff the area with some steel wool. Slightly buff around the scratched area to make it blend in, but don’t overdo it. To fill the scratch, apply a wax stick that matches the colour of the wood to fill the scratch and further help it to blend in. Let it set, buff it, and clean it to finish.

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Deep scratches

Hard floors are great in terms of allergy control according to, but deep scratches can make them unsightly. This kind of scratch requires a lot more work, including stripping, repairing and refinishing. You can repair this yourself, but it is probably best to call a flooring supplier like for some advice or call in a professional.

Useful advice

For minor scratches that have penetrated the surface, you can always use wood fillers. They are available in a multitude of colours. You should also remember that a polyurethane-coated floor that has been waxed cannot be refinished at a later stage, so try to avoid that route.

If the damage is severe, it’s better to call in a professional. Trying to strip the floor, rebuff it and stain it will end in disaster if you have no idea what you are doing.