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How to Choose a Foundation Repair Company

Several homeowners take their time in calling repair for their foundations since foundation problems are often not emergencies. However, do keep in mind that foundation problems bring damage to the rest of your home, so the sooner you act on them, the better. Question is, how do you choose a foundation repair contractor?

Personal Referrals

Take note that the best referral is a personal referral. So go right ahead and ask your friends and relatives, neighbors and even your coworkers – maybe they have worked with a good foundation contractor recently. A contractor can give you a reference list, but then again, even the worst companies can put together a nice one.

You can read online customer reviews as well, but keep to those that are published by consumer watchdogs like the BBB. Some reviews are designed for promotions.

Experience in Business

As a general rule, established companies can offer more expertise and reliability than those that are relatively new. But take note that any good company that enjoys a good reputation can always be bought. Although the company uses the same name, it may not always live up to expectations under the new owner.


Ask your prospective foundation repair contractor to provide an insurance certificate, and verify its authenticity with the insurance provider. If the contractor does not have insurance, or it has been cancelled, they can always make a copy of an old deck page. You can never tell the difference, and if and when anything happens on the job, you will not be covered!

The System

In reality, there is a whole variety of foundation repair methods can work in our soils. The technique is to know what system is the best for your under-structure conditions. After the sales talk stops and the work begins, it all boils down to the installation. Post installation, it comes down to warranty and the commitment of the company.


A warranty can only be as reliable as the company behind it. Be sure to ask around. How a company handles their warranty issues is very important. Ask your potential prospect for a reference on a project that they had to return to over a warranty, and know if the customer was satisfied.

Price against Benefits

Well-reputed foundation repair contractors can never be cheap, and you must expect more from a pricier contractor. What you should be looking for is VALUE. Value equals the benefits that remain minus the cost. If you are left empty-handed, then value is zero.

Trade Association Membership

Trade associations have standards and strict ethical rules for members to follow, and unless they follow, they will lose membership. For example, all contractors must carry insurance and have good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Membership also exhibits the contractor’s high level of commitment to his profession.