Things to consider before building a home

A Home That Speaks Your Language

One of the most important decisions you will take in life is building a home of your own. And, many things will have to be considered before making that decision.

You will need to ask yourself some important questions before you finally go ahead and start the real building process.

  • Why do I want to build a house?
  • What kind of home do I want to build?
  • Where would I build it?
  • What is the cost of building a home?
  • Can I afford to build a new home or should I renovate an old one?
  • Where will I get money from?
  • Where can I find qualified help?

Basically, you need to be honest with yourself and be sure that you have made all the right choices. Needless to say that your initial choices will influence the end result greatly.

While it might be more attractive to attempt fixing your old home, it does pay off in the long run if you hire a professional home builder service provider. So, your first step will be choosing the right home builder service provider.

Professional help is a must event when we are talking about small repairs, let alone building of a whole house.

After you’ve zeroed in on a perfect contractor you might want to plan the whole process beforehand. Professional contractor will tell you about every step he will take and also about things that you will need to do.

  • Set a clear goal

You have to know exactly what you want and go for it. It will be unwise for you to accept a work or choose a contractor simply because he’s your neighbour while you know he cannot give you the required result. Who does the building job is as important as the building itself.

So, you need to get blunt and firm about exactly what you want and find the right expert to give it to you.

  • Draw up a budget

Remember, you know what you want and you need to stick to it. You shouldn’t take anything of less quality than you desire and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be pushed into something beyond your reach.

You need to work out the details of your budget with the contractor and ensure you have a signed document that will save you from unnecessary expenses.

  • Get an architect and a quantity surveyor to help you.

This will help you to have a clear picture and the cost of the work you are about to start. First, the designer brings the work alive while the surveyor helps you get the details of the cost.

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  • Confirm that your contractor is licensed to do the job.

Beyond the problem that you might end up in trouble with the authority, ill-equipped professionals are disasters waiting to happen. And, you don’t want such disaster to have anything in common with construction of your new house.

You need to confirm that they have all necessary certifications to undertake the job. You need to confirm that they have required expertise: you can check their previous works. You also need to confirm that their insurance details are up-to-date.

  • Find out who’s doing the job.

Don’t be too naive, most of the time your main contractor won’t be the one on the job. He will hire subcontractors who will work on different tasks such as: installations of electric appliances, interior design, the concrete foundation, insulation, finishing, etc. while he supervises the work. That isn’t a bad idea in itself except that sometimes the wrong person may be involved.

It is, therefore, advisable to pay them a visit to know exactly how the work is going and who’s doing what.

  • Set clear guidelines for the contractor

If possible, ensure this is written down in clear terms. It is safer to disagree and agree to the terms before the work begins than start arguing over issues that are already irresolvable and irreconcilable. You need to be specific on the materials you want them to use, the exterior and interior plastering and fittings and every other detail.

Be as thorough as you can and make sure to check on the process from time to time.

Don’t change your mind during the work.

There will be complaints, new ideas and less expensive alternatives that contradict your initial plan. If you don’t want to end up spending more than you’ve planned then avoid changing your mind in the process. You will have many reasons to do so, but it is highly recommended to stick to the initial plan.

  • Check every detail before signing off on the job

Unfortunately, some contractorsare dubious. A number of them will purposefully keep some of the errors and cover them up only for the house to develop problem within a short time.

If possible, get an independent contractor to check the work and certify it as good.

Get an affordable, fast and durable home

Today, delivering a custom home within the earliest possible time has been made easy. The use of new and improved construction techniques, use of self-compacting concrete technology withoutdrilling or using nailsand building enhanced mechanisms that will ensure your home comes at its best within a short time have completely transformed building services like never before.

One of the most popular time saving construction methods is using fabricated construction materials. Thismethod allows factory designed panels to be used for walls, flooring and roof construction.

This methodis proven to offer better structural depth and strength that give the work an overall improved output. Other benefits of this new and improved method are:

  • High quality work
  • Fewer less common errors and defects
  • Reduced hazards on the neighbors
  • Well controlled construction processes
  • Reduction in the effects of weather
  • Reduction in the amount of environmental pollution
  • Good use of time
  • Improved safety at work

No matter what technique you are going to use professional home builders are a must.  Find the best service providers with YouDo India.