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6 Factors To Ponder Upon In Buying Patio Umbrellas

In the process of completing my outdoor patio furniture set, I needed to buy a patio umbrella that is to be placed in my garden.

If you live in in the part of the country that is relatively high altitude area like I do, it is not always probable to eat out during the evenings for it can be quite chilly so lunchtime is the ideal time for scheduling a backyard BBQ cookout.

The decision to invest in a patio umbrella comes from the concern I have for my guest and their families, it is because the location of my patio area is pretty exposed so if the sun is out they can get burned.

Before buying something no matter what is, I always make sure I do thorough research about it, so I decided to share these findings with you. The list below are the relevant points I considered before purchasing the product.

First on the list is the frame. The choices can just either be wood or aluminium mainly. Using the wood has its disadvantage which is it is heavy so it will be hard to move it, but if portability is not a factor for you then wood will do to fill the shoes.

The second thing to consider is the lifting mechanism of the patio umbrella. For you the lifting mechanism may be relavant depending on the size of the patio umbrella. When you have a heavy umbrella, there should be a level on the umbrella pole that you wind and it goes up, this is called the crank system.

Another system is using a pulley, you pull on a rope and the umbrella goes up and by using the pin you can secure its position, this is known as one the less elaborate systems. Lastly you have the tried and tested collar where you thrust it upwards until it clicks indicating it has been locked.

Thirdly, is the tilt. There are two options in tilting your patio umbrella. a)The crank is used by the auto system to tilt the umbrella b)To rotate one of the ribs for the umbrella to tilt.

Fourth on the list is the shade size. If you want to make sure that you will be able to shade everything from the table to the chairs, be sure to follow the general rule of thumb, it states that the size of the umbrella should be 5 feet more than the area of the table.

The fifth thing to consider is the fabric used. The fabric is one of the biggest driver of cost, it is a fact that if you go for cheaper fabrics than it is certain that the color will fade.

Last is an offset umbrellas that are flexible and maximum shade. The key points are the umbrellas should be free standing so no addition cost will go to buying umbrella stand and the pole is to one side, so you can freely position the umbrella where you wish to maximize the shade or to ensure the view isn’t disturbed.